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Frequently Asked Questions

What are product renders?

Product renders, or 3D renderings, are computer generated images of a product. These images are designed in computer software with incredible detail so that they look realistic and lifelike. The end result is a super clean, high quality and flawless look at your product.

How are renders created?

A 3D model of the product is created with the exact dimensions and proportions of the real-life object. On to this model is added textures and materials of the product. Then lighting, reflections and shadows are included and your render is ready to export!

What are the advantages of renders over photography?

There are many advantages of 3D renders over photography. Some of these include:

  • Quality - no pixelation or focus issues - all details will be super crisp and clear.

  • Control - with full control over the environment, anything is possible. Angles, lighting, and positioning impossible in standard photography, are now available to make your product look epic.

  • Perfection - your product will look flawless - better than it’s ever looked before.

  • Easy - no need to ship your product! We'll just need to see how the product looks (phone images are fine) and get the product dimensions, and we'll be good to go. 

How long does it take to create renderings?

Creating 3D renders really depends on the product and complexity involved. Simple items like bottles or boxes can take just a few days. More complex items like watches or kits with many pieces might take a few weeks.

Do we need to ship our product to you?

No! One of the great advantages of rendering is that we don’t need the physical object to create renders. We just need to see how the product looks (you can send images snapped on your smartphone) and what it’s dimensions are, and that’s enough!

What do we need to send you to create product renders?

The main thing we need is to see how the product looks and what its dimensions are. So we’ll require an image of each side of the product as well as some closeups to see the material. We’ll also need logo and label design files if they’re included on the product. See here for more detail. 

Can any product be rendered?

In short - yes. There are items that do really well as renders and others not so much, but anything can be rendered. Items that really shine as renders often include machine made materials like plastic or metal. Items with more of an organic shape and texture (like plants or clothing) can also be rendered but it is more difficult and takes a little longer. 

Can you create lifestyle images?

Absolutely! We create lifestyle images by adding a rendered item into a stock image scene. Because we have full control over the render, the product can be designed to match the scene perfectly. The placement and proportions will be perfectly aligned with the scene and lighting and shadows will match the environment. See some examples here

What else do you do besides for 3D renders?

We create all content needed for an online product listing. This includes product images (in the form of renders), graphics, keywords, and copy. And we never go in blind. All content created is after extensive research into the product and competition to make sure it’s fully optimized for the market it’s in.

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